Part 4: You Purchased an SVG or Cut File for Your Silhouette or Cricut. Now How Do I Weed and Put the Design on a Mug?

Part 4: You Purchased an SVG or Cut File for Your Silhouette or Cricut. Now How Do I Weed and Put the Design on a Mug?

This is part 4 (the final part) of a multipart blog post. If you missed part 1, check it out if you need help downloading and opening a zip file. If you have a Cricut cutting machine, check out part 2 for assistance with uploading an SVG and cutting it in Cricut Design SpaceIf you have a Silhouette cutting machine, check out part 3 for assistance with uploading an SVG and cutting it in Silhouette Studio.

In this final blog post, we’ll make the finished product of putting permanent vinyl on a ceramic mug. Below is a video showing my process. It’s sped up a bit so you don’t have to watch me weed vinyl for 5 minutes. After the video, steps are written out in case that’s easier for you.

Step 1. Weed the vinyl that you cut with your Silhouette or Cricut machine. Weed both the words (cut in Oracal 651, permanent vinyl) and the hearts (cut in TeckWrap Holographic permanent vinyl). Check out one of my other blog posts if you want links my favorite weeding tools or learn more about my favorite hack, repurposing a dollar store item to help get vinyl scraps off your weeding tools.

Step 2. Use transfer tape to pull your design off the backing. First, you lay the transfer tape onto the weeded vinyl (I started with the words that I cut in black Oracal 651) and use your scraper to get the transfer tape to stick to the vinyl. Second, peel up the transfer tape and the vinyl should come off the backing.

I had a few spots that would not come off the backing, so I use my weeding tool to carefully release the vinyl from the backing and just keep going.

For transfer tape, I used clear Contact Paper. I bought a roll for $5 from Big Lots (and have been using the same roll for over a year now), but sometimes the dollar store has clear Contact Paper too. I love using Contact Paper as I can reuse it many times. If it’s a new piece of Contact Paper, sometimes it’s too sticky, so I recommend sticking it to your pants or a shirt a few times to make it a little less sticky.

Step 3. Clean off the mug with alcohol. You can do this earlier, and I do usually do this before I start weeding so I can make sure the alcohol has plenty of time to evaporate, but for this project it happened at step 3. By cleaning the mug with alcohol it ensures the item is thoroughly clean and allows for the vinyl to stick more securely to the mug.

Step 4. Place the vinyl onto the mug. When it’s lined up as you like, place the vinyl and smooth it onto the mug with your scraper. I recommend sticking the vinyl and smoothing it slowly so you can try to avoid air bubbles.

Step 5. Repeat steps 2 and 4 with the hearts cut in Teckwrap Holographic permanent vinyl.

You did it! If you stuck with me through all parts of this blog, I hope you learned a few things and now have a beautiful mug! Just a reminder, mugs with permanent vinyl on them are not dishwasher or microwave safe. Only hand wash mugs (or other items) with vinyl on them.

Now it’s time to fill it up with some coffee, tea, or other favorite beverage (shhh, I won’t tell if there’s wine in there) and get to more crafting! Come check out some other SVGs I have available for your next project in my shops on Design Bundles (affil link) or Etsy.