Merry Christmas Grinches! Free Stink Stank Stunk SVG

Stink Stank Stunk layered on shirt

Merry Christmas Grinches! I am looking forward to watching all my favorite Christmas movies leading up to Christmas day! I’m sure you can guess from this design, but one of my favorite festive films is How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I love the original animated version as well as the Jim Carrey version. I haven’t seen the latest one yet, but I think I’ll have to watch all 3 in the next few weeks!

Stink Stank Stunk on pillow

Stink Stank Stunk! This free Christmas SVG is perfect whether you’re quoting the Grinch or sharing your feelings for 2020 and 2021. This layered design is bold and so easy to layer on a pillow, shirt, or ornament. I would love to see what you create with this fun design! Share what you’ve created over in the Cozy Bunny Designs Facebook Group! I’d love to know your favorite Christmas movies too to help inspire some future free SVGs!